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Ecodesign (Directive 2009/125 / EC) and energy labelling (Directive 2010/30 / EU)

On some products and systems related to the production of hot water, from September 26th 2015 we are obliged to affix a label with an indication of energy performance.

The Ecodesign directive, related to eco-design, combined with the labelling directive, concerning the harmonization of information to end users, has been developed with the objective of reducing the Union’s energy consumption by 20% by 2020. This is the so-called “20-20-20 climate-energy package “designed to reduce CO2 emissions by 20%, to increase the use of energy from renewable sources by 20% and to reduce energy consumption by 20% thanks to better efficiency energy.

SICC TECH products related to hot water are not products that directly consume energy (Energy using Products), but fall within the scope of application since they are products that influence energy consumption (Energy related Products), that is they can, through their use, contribute to energy savings.

For this reason, all SICC tech products intended for the production or use of hot water, sanitary or heating, up to a capacity of 2000 litres must meet the minimum energy performance requirements. Furthermore, tanks with a capacity up to 500 litres will be supplied with an energy label indicating the efficiency class and the energy performance (for higher capacities there is no labelling requirement).

The performances will be reported in the product technical sheet to facilitate consumers or end users, to identify the best model to be included as part of a more or less complex system: the final calculation of the efficiency of a multi-part system could still be better than the efficiency classes of the individual elements.

Our energy labeling

The information given on the energy label of our products is:

  1. SICC mark
  2. Model identifier
  3. Tank function
  4. Energy efficiency class: scale expressed in energy classes from A to G
  5. Dispersion in W
  6. Useful volume of the tank in litres

In case of product exposure, the retailer must pay attention in positioning it in such a way that the label is visible. SICC TECH products manufactured before September 26, 2015, present in the warehouse, inside or at other distribution agencies, are not subject to the Ecodesign and Labelling directives. For this reason, these products can be sold without the documentation described above.