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Privacy Policy

Disclosure under and for the effects of the EU GDPR 2016/679 relating to the protection of the treatment of personal data

As a “Owner” and an “Interested”, i.e. a subject to whom the data being processed and/or managed by you are managed in a responsible way, we would like to inform you of the essential elements of the treatments carried out.

Purpose of treatment.

The collection and processing of personal data is carried out in order to conduct:

  1. the fulfilment of all transactions imposed by regulatory obligations, tax and tax provisions arising from the conduct of the business and the requirements for anti-money laundering;

  2. the establishment and execution of ongoing contractual relationships, as well as any pre- and post-sale service activities;
  3. closely related and instrumental operations at the start of these reports, including the acquisition of information prior to the conclusion of the Agreement;

  4. the management of customer relations for administrative activities, accounting, orders, shipments, billing, services, management of any litigation;

  5. The detection of customer satisfaction, the elaboration of statistics for internal use;
  6. in particular for sending advertising or direct sales material, carrying out market or commercial communication research and with automated contact methods (e-mail, other remote communication systems via networks) communication such as, but merely an example: sms, mms, whatsapp) is traditional (paper mail), by the Holders;

and will be treated on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of your/your privacy and your/your rights.

The contractual, service, commercial and non-commercial and promotional purposes relate to the processing of the personal data of the Customer only. The personal data of the Customer will be processed for the duration of the contractual relationships established and also subsequently for the fulfillment of all legal requirements as well as for future commercial purposes.

Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism.

The provision of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist legislation is mandatory and any refusal to respond precludes the required professional service and may result in the reporting of the operation to the competent supervisory body. In this regard, it should be stated that the processing of personal data related to anti-money laundering obligations will take place with regard to the specific methods of execution imposed on non-financial operators by the Identification and Retention Regulation Information provided by art. 3 paragraph 2, of D.Lgs. N. 56/2004 and adopted with D.M. No. 143/2006. Other information could also be drawn from public sources in order to comply with the obligations of the D.Lgs. 231/2007.

Treatment methods.

The processing of data for the purposes exposed takes place in both automated, electronic or magnetic, non-automated, paper-based modes, in accordance with the rules of confidentiality and security provided by law, regulations internal provisions.

Place of treatment.

The data is currently processed and stored at the locations of V.le Porta Po, 89 – 45100 Rovigo (RO). They are also treated, on behalf of the writer, by professionals and/or companies in charge of technical, development, management and administrative – accounting activities.

Mandatory or optional nature of data delivery.

Some data are essential for the establishment of the contractual relationship or for its execution, while others can be defined as accessories for such purposes. The provision of data to the writer is mandatory for data that has a regulatory or contractual obligation.

Consequences of a possible refusal to award.

In cases where the provision of data is provided by a regulatory or contractual obligation, any refusal would put the Supplier in a position to be unable to implement or continue the Contract as it would constitute unlawful treatment. In cases where there is no legal obligation to provide the data, the refusal would not have the above consequences but would still prevent the enforcement of ancillary operations.

Data communication.

If you are still aware of the disclosures and disclosures made in the execution of legal obligations, the data relating to your Legal Entity may be communicated in Italy and/or abroad to:

  • Professionals and consultants, consulting firms, factoring companies, credit institutions, debt collection companies, credit insurance companies, commercial information companies, transport companies;

  • Public and private entities, also as a result of inspections or audits such as: Financial Administration, Tax Police, Judicial Authorities, Italian Office Changes, Inspectorate of Labor, ASL, Pension Bodies, ENASARCO, Chamber of Trade, etc.;

  • Other Companies of the Group also residing abroad (see specific point below);

  • Subjects who can access your data under the law;

The sensitive data, although treated in a completely anonymous form, will not be subject to any form of dissemination and/or divestment, except only for the achievement of the purposes acclated by this and with specific written authorization on the part of your .

Transferring data abroad.

Customer data may be communicated to other Companies of the Group, based in non-European third countries, only for the execution of the obligations arising from the service contract of which the Customer is interested or to fulfill, before the conclusion your contract, specific to your requests, i.e. for the conclusion or execution of a contract entered into in your favour (article 43 let. b) D.Lgs 196/03).

Data retention times:

The data provided will be stored in our archives according to the following parameters:

  • For administration, accounting, order, budget management and the entire flow of production, service and maintenance, shipping, invoicing, services, litigation management: 10 years as required by law by the art. 2220 C.C., except for any delayed payment of fees justifying its extension;

  • For the purposes of points 5 above, retention times are up to the expiry of the contract and/or the supply business relationship;

  • For marketing purposes (point 6): 24 months;

The rights of the person concerned.

With regard to personal data, the Customer may exercise the rights provided within the limits and conditions of the European Regulation 2016/679 and the Current Legislation. In the event of any consent to the treatment required by SICC TECH SRL, it is noted that the person may revoke it at any time, subject to the mandatory requirements of the current legislation at the time of request for revocation, contacting the Controller of the treatment at the contact details below.

Owner and Responsible for Treatment.

The holder of the treatment, to whom you will be able to apply for the rights above, is SICC TECH SRL, based in V.le Porta Po, 89 – 45100 Rovigo (RO). Responsible for the treatment is the Legal Representative Pro Tempore. You may also have the rights by sending communications to the following e-mail address: