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Terms and Conditions

General Sale conditions 2019

This document represents a sales proposal, becoming e ective as a sales contract either upon notifi cation of acceptance by the customer to Sicc Tech Srl or when executed without prior response within 3 days from the date of confi rmation order.


  1. Sicc Tech Srl cannot be considered in default for any delays in deliveries up to a maximum of 90 working days from the agreed terms.
  2. The purchaser shall keep any orders open for the same period of time, waiving any claim that such delivery terms are binding once these have expired.
  3. For any delays exceeding such period, the purchaser may cancel the order, by registered mail, which must reach the Sicc Tech Srl offices before the latter provides notification that it is ready to deliver the goods.


  1. Sicc Tech Srl guarantees its products as follows:
    • two year warranty on all products purchased by consumers (as specified by article 1 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 24 of 2 February 2002
    • implementation of directive 1999/44/ECon the sale and supply of goods to consumers).
    • one year warranty on all products purchased by entities other than consumer.
    • The warranty period for each product is indicated in this catalog at the corresponding page of each article.
    • All the accessories, even though supplied along with the fi nished product, have 12 month guarantee (panel control, impressed current anodes, pumps, monobloc pumps, inverter, safety valves and vacuum breaker valves, plate heat exchangers).

    The warranty period begins from delivery of the product to the consumer, as proven by a proper tax receipt.
    Under the terms of the warranty, Sicc Tech Srl, at its own discretion, will solely repair or replace free-of-charge the product or components that
    have defects in materials, workmanship or design.
    The warranty does not cover any costs borne by the customer for dismantling and assembling the faulty products.
    The customer must deliver the product at its own expense to our facilities, so as to veri and where necessary repair or replace the product under warranty.

  2. The purchaser may not request cancellation of the contract nor a reduction in price, nor compensation for direct or indirect damages as a consequence.
  3. Any warranties provided by Sicc Tech Srl will terminate if any modifications are made to the materials or repairs are carried out by personnel without prior authorization;
  4. The warranty will furthermore terminate if the purchaser does not fullfil its obligations as regards the deadlines and methods of payment, and if all operating and maintenance instructions provided with the product are not complied with.


  1. Title to the goods sold remains vested in Sicc Tech Srl until complete payment has been received.
  2. Failure to pay one or more instalments automatically results in the whole payment being due, or alternatively (at the discretion of Sicc Tech Srl as an option until payment has been received in full) the right to cancel the contract.
  3. In the latter hypothesis, any instalments already received by Sicc Tech Srl shall be retained as compensation.


The goods are always delivered ex-works.
If special arrangements are made for delivery with freight paid to destination, unloading of the vehicle is in any case not included: consequently, the purchaser is responsible for all costs and risks relating to unloading.
The goods, even if sold freight paid, always travel under the purchaser’s responsibility and at its own risk.
Consequently, no replacements or credit shall be provided for goods that are tampered with, damaged or lost during transit.
Sicc Tech Srl products are supplied unpackaged; if the purchaser or carrier requires packaging, the cost of such will be charged to the purchaser.


Our prices may be changed without prior notice and are not binding unless expressly confirmed by Sicc Tech Srl.


The data specified in the catalogues, the illustrations and drawings are purely indicative; the manufacturer in no way guarantees that the details will be reproduced faithfully.
Sicc Tech Srl likewise has the right to make any changes resulting from experience, requirements and technical advances, and consequently no direct, indirect or other objections may be raised in this regard.
Official description has to be intended as the description in the official documents as order confirmation or drawings submitted for approval, this last case only the product is not a standard product listed in the official catalogue.
Possible claims have to be submitted within 8 days from goods receiving and Sicc Tech Srl has to be informed by Registered Letter.


  1. Even when the means of payment is agreed upon as bank draftor note payable, payment is legally considered as being made at the seller’s domicile.
  2. Overdue payments a er 30 days will be automatically charged interest at 3% more than the legal interest rate by BCE.
  3. Payments may not be delayed by the purchaser, neither following a claim under warranty and/or testing, nor for any disputes that may arise between the parties.
  4. No additional legal action or claims may be made by the purchaser unless it has already fulfilled all of its own obligations.


Sicc Tech Srl declines all liability for any damage to people and things, including third parties, as a result of events depending on the goods supplied or in any way relating to work performed for installation, assembly or technical service.


  1. Any claims involving the quality and the quantity of the material supplied must be made within eight days from receipt of the goods, directly to the seller by registered mail. No claims will be accepted after such period.
  2. Invoices that are not disputed by the purchaser within eight days of receipt, by registered mail, are considered as having been fully accepted.


Any disputes relating to the interpretation or the execution of the contract are the jurisdiction of the Court of Rovigo.