Alternative energy

Solar storage cylinders with removable and fixed heat exchangers, combined systems for domestic hot water and central heating systems.

Buffer tanks



Buffer tank with solar fixed spiral coil and corrugated fixed coil

MT is a storage tank that accumulates energy on the primary circuit and at the some time produces domestic hot water via a corrugated tubular AISI 316L STAINLESS STEEL exchanger with large exchange surface and very high heat tube length. A fixed heat exchanger for solar heat is installed in the lower bottom with a particular stratifier hydraulic chimney superimposed, which improves the yield of the solar heat and guarantees excellent stratification MT therefore operates as a storage tank but also a thermal flywheel far the heating circuit. MT TOP distinguishes itself from the basic version as it allows to optimise the yield of the heat producer (MT TOP) or two different heat producers (MT2TOP), adjusting the return temperature. 

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