Alternative energy

Solar storage cylinders with removable and fixed heat exchangers, combined systems for domestic hot water and central heating systems.

Storage tank PDC / Solar



Solar calorifier with double fixed spirai coil

The SOL PDC series products are storage cylinders for the production and storage of domestic hot water.
The layout of the heat exchangers ensures high heat output, making the SOL PDC storage tank ideai for domestic hot water production.
lndeed, the high output means hot water demand is completely satisfied even at criticai peak times.
The double heat exchanger allows two sources of alternative energy to be used.
The top heat exchanger, featuring a high heat exchange area and a higher tube diameter than any other model of the same capacity, is designed to ensure maximum performance, with supplementary heat provided by a heat pump. The typical features of heat pumps are:

- lower temperatures than boilers;
- higher water volume in transit due to lower temperature head (ΔT);
- moderate pressure head, considering the pressure drop of the condenser.

Finally, a fitting is available for an optional electric heater. 

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